34 Rio Vista Drive
St. Augustine, FL, 32084
Sprockets Bicycle Shop-St. Augustine, FL
       HOURS:  Monday - Friday 10-6, Saturday - Sunday 10-4

Sprockets Bicycle Shop Service

Current Service Packages
Basic Tune Up $40.00
Includes brake and gear adjustment, hubs, bottom bracket and headset adjustments, spoke tension and minor wheel true. Secure all fasteners, lubricate chain and external working parts and quick clean.  Plus Parts.
Tune Up with Drive Train Clean $80.00
Includes basic Tune Up plus removal and detailed cleaning of drive train components. Chain, crank, derailleur and cog set.
Complete Over Haul $199.00
Complete tear down and rebuild with drive train clean and detailed cleaning of all parts.  Plus Parts.
Drive Train Clean $40.00
Removal of all drive train components, detailed cleaning and lubrication.
Individual Labor Charges
Install Tire/Tube $10.00
Brake Adjustment $15.00
Derailleur Adjustment $15.00
Wheel True $15.00 - 30.00
Hub Adjustment $10.00
Hub Over Haul $15.00
Headset Adjustment $10.00
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $15.00
Install Chain $5.00
Install Pedals $5.00
Install Computer $15.00
Install Wheel $15.00
Assemble Bike from Box $50.00